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Founded 1993HyperWrite is an Australian hypertext solution company, founded in 1993. We provide specialised hypertext and Web consultancy services, training, and from 1998 to 2010, produced the very successful annual Australasian Online Documentation and Content (AODC) Conference.

HyperWrite's two areas of business are specialised consultancy, and training courses.

Latest News

XMetaL 9.0 Released (Mon, 07 Apr 2014)

JustSystems has announced the release of XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0. This latest release offers new features including a Microsoft SharePoint connector, tree-view navigation in the Resource Manager window, new search results display, configurable search plans, table splitting, and better build logging. XMetaL 9.0 also introduces support for S1000D authoring as an optional add-on (installed separately).

Survey on DITA Authoring tools (Wed, 05 Mar 2014)

NLDITA is conducting a survey on DITA authoring tools. Results will be presented at a special NLDITA seminar ‘DITA for authors’ next June. All participants will be invited and get free access to this event.

DITAToo DITA CMS ver 1.8 Released (Sun, 02 Mar 2014)

DITAToo have announced the release of version 1.8 of their DITA CMS. The new version features project-level tagging and filtering, file-level tag searching, tagging, locking and exporitng topics for translation, and exporting status information to a CSV file.

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Coming Events:

UA Europe Conference in Krakow, Poland

UA Europe is an annual conference for technical communicators that focuses on software user assistance and online Help. It provides a unique update on the latest industry trends, technical developments, and best practice in software user assistance. UA Europe 2014 takes place in the wonderful city of Kraków, Poland, on June 5th - 6th, 2014.

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Tech Pubs Forum, Melbourne

Tech Pubs Forum 2014 is 'Not For Profit' conference organised by Absolute Data Group (ADG), and will be held in Melbourne, Australia, from 15 to 16 May 2014. The conference was previously known as the DEFDOC Conference, but has now broadened to cover topics, industry specifications and standards used by Technical Writers, Illustrators, Trainers and Logistics professionals.

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Congility Conference in London, June 2014

Congility is a content strategy conference for component and structured content, and is gearing up for its 7th year. Participants will learn more about giving content agility and how it can benefit organisations. The theme of this year's event is "breaking information silos". The conference is being held at Gatwick in the UK, with three conference tracks across two days on 19-20 June 2014.

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TCANZ Conference 2014, Christchurch, NZ

The Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand are presenting their 2014 conference in Christchurch, New Zealand, from 13 to 15 October. This year's conference has a theme of "Communicating change". In addition to learning new skills and techniques, the conference provides an excellent opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge and experience with other professionals in the field of technical communication.

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tcworld 2014 Conference in Stuttgart in November

The German association for technical communication, tekom, will be holding their annual conference in Stuttgart, Germany, from 11th to 13th November 2014. This event is actually two conferences in one: there is a German language tekom conference, and an English language tcworld conference, both running simultaneously. The event is the largest technical communciation event in the world, with thousands of delegates and hundreds of exhibitors. Every technical communicator should get to this conference at least once in their career!

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HyperWrite has provided hypertext training services since 1994, priding ourselves on our flexibility and professionalism.