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A Very AODC Wedding!  

HyperWrite's annual AODC Conference normally provides opportunities for learning and business networking. But for some, it provides an environment for romance!

On the 21st of July, two regular AODC delegates will marry! Tom James (or Doctor Tom as he is affectionately known to AODC delegates) will wed Katharine O'Driscoll in a very international wedding.

Although they met the 2002 AODC conference in Australia, Katharine is originally from Palmerston North in New Zealand, while Doctor Tom is from the UK. Katharine has a special status at AODC: she was an original member of the famous AODC Band.

On behalf of AODC delegates, HyperWrite would like to extend to Tom and Katharine our very best wishes for a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage.

Katharine O'Driscoll and Dr Tom James at AODC 2006 in Cairns 

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